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Peter High

Peter High

Getting to Nimble

Learn the best practices of leading companies transforming people, processes, technologies, ecosystems, and strategies for the digital era.


Peter High founded Metis Strategy in 2001. He is an expert in business and information technology strategy, and he has been a trusted advisor to a wide array of business and tech executives ranging across Fortune 500 companies in various industries. Peter has developed several strategic methodologies that he and his firm have taught clients to use on their own in order to develop and update strategic plans, choose and manage the right portfolio of initiatives, and to ensure that team performance is on the path to world class levels of performance.

Peter is the author of the book Getting to Nimble: How to Transform Your Company Into a Digital Leader. Featuring insights from executives at Capital One, Domino’s Pizza, The Washington Post, FedEx and other leading firms, the book offers a framework and best practices companies can use to transform their people practices, processes, technologies, ecosystems, and strategies for the digital era.

Peter also writes a column on, writing about topics at the intersection between IT and business. He has published more than 650 articles to date and more than 12 million page views.